A workshop completely focused on IEC61499 industrial applications has been held yesterday in Helsinki during the INDIN 2019 conference. The audience was composed by researchers, professors and developers belonging to companies such as KUKA, NXT Control, ABB.

The workshop was structured in four parts. At first, the introduction of IEC-61499 standard, held by Prof. Alois Zoitl (Head of LIT Cyber-physical Systems for Engineering and Production Lab and professor at JKU), was meant to touch the main elements of IEC 61499 and how they can be used for the development of distributed control applications by means of concrete hands-on application examples. 

The second part of the workshop was held by Eng. Sandeep Patil (researcher at LTU), dedicated to the distributed control systems programming with IEC 61499 using DAEDALUS Framework, powered by IEC 61499 engineering tool NxtStudio. This session foresaw a live exercise meant to realize a working automation control of a lift, by means of NxtStudio and electronical components: initially the attendees developed the entire system locally, into their own PC, and afterwards connected to the device provided by the lecturer. All participants were able to develop the function blocks belonging to the automation control, to connect them with the devices and test the entire system successfully. All attendees have appreciated this opportunity showing a lot of interest.

The third part was aimed to change the perspective from one more focused on the automation control development to one mainly related to how sell the developed applications. This session, managed by Eng. Giuseppe Landolfi (researcher and lecturer at SUPSI), started with a brief presentation of the Daedalus project, in terms of concepts and objectives, to then shift the attention on the Digital Marketplace which is one of the main results of the project. The interactive presentation led to discuss mainly on the pricing strategies to adopt and the interest on the validation service, offered by the marketplace. 

Eventually the workshop ended with some advanced topics on IEC61499 presented again by prof. Zoitl. 

Thank you to all the participants. The material will be available online soon.


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